Crash (1976)

Crash (1976)
Death Ride
Akaza, the God of Vengeance
Draculas Todesrennen
Die Killermaschine

Bitter invalid Marc Denne (well played to the angry hilt by Jose Ferrer) tries to kill his unhappy young wife Kim (a solid and appealing performance by Sue Lyon). However, Kim survives the murder attempt and uses a strange trinket with supernatural powers to sic a lethal black car that destroys everything in its dangerous path on Marc.

Director Charles Band uses the pretty silly script by Mark Marais as an excuse to go [hog] wild with loads of spectacular vehicular carnage complete with strenuous slow motion, plenty of explosions, and more than enough mangled metal for a dozen demolition derbies. The capable cast treat the foolish material with admirable seriousness: John Ericson as the concerned Dr. Gregg Martin, Leslie Parrish as sweet nurse Kathy Logan, John Carradine as the helpful Dr. Wesley Edwards, and Jerome Guardino as the diligent Lt. Begler. The ever-creepy Reggie Nalder has a nice bit as a weird guy at a swap meet. The sharp widescreen cinematography provides a pleasing polished look. Andrew Belling's funky-chilling score does the right-on groovy trick. Sure, this movie is basically mindless schlock, but it's nonetheless still quite entertaining in a blithely inane sort of way. (IMDB Woodyanders)

 Sue Lyon

José Ferrer - Sue Lyon

John Carradine (L)

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