Cool and the Crazy, The (1958)

The Cool and the Crazy (1958)

This movie centers on Bennie, a new bad kid in town who is a front for a drug syndicate of sorts, sent to get all the local kids hooked on "M" as a prelude to bringing in "The Needle" .Marijuana, it seems, is highly addictive gateway narcotic and has horrible debilitating withdrawal's , referred to as "I got the smoke" {clutching your throat in withdrawal agony }. and it makes you wanna "crawl into the woodwork" dance with objects other then people and indulge in drug crazed violence . .... The only place these kids are going is to drug hell, at least so it seems. And the "take a good look at it" scarred straight approach of the grimed face cop at the end is priceless. (IMDB  darryllmonroe)

Scott Marlowe

Richard Bakalyan

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