Psychedelic Sexualis (1966)

Psychedelic Sexualis (1966)
On Her Bed of Roses
Psychopathia Sexualis

Unhinged mama's boy Stephen Long (a memorably touching and fragile portrayal by Ronald Warren) snaps one day and goes on a shooting spree before committing suicide. Long's neurotic girlfriend Melissa Borden (tartly played by fetching blonde Sandra Lynn) relates to a psychiatrist (unctuous Lee Gladden) the events that caused the troubled Stephen to go off the deep end.

Writer/director Albert Zugsmith keeps the absorbing story moving along at a steady pace, tackles the dark themes of incest, smothering motherhood, and serious psychological hang-ups head on, delivers a satisfying smattering of bare distaff skin, and offers a provocative central message on how messed-up dysfunctional parents can inflict severe mental and emotional harm on their kids. The solid acting by the able cast holds this picture together: Barbara Hines as Melissa's trampy bitch mother Joanna, Ric Marlow as Melissa's no-count philandering dad Arthur, Regina Gleason as Stephen's overbearing mom Rachel, and Lovey Song as Melissa's enticing best gal pal Sally Marsh. The opening fifteen minutes with Stephen driving a car recklessly through the streets and blowing away several folks with a rifle are a rip-snorting doozy. Joe Greene's throbbing tribal score gives off a groovy avant-garde jazz vibe. Robert Caramico's sharp black and white cinematography provides a few funky stylish visual flourishes. The ever-delicious Pat Barrington shakes her sizzling stuff in a regrettably small role as a belly dancer. An interesting item. (IMDB Woodyanders)

Pamebla Woolman

Elaine Poulos

Pat Barrington

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