Gatorbait II Cajun Justice (1988)

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 Gatorbait II Cajun Justice (1988)

Sweet city gal Angelique (a solid and appealing performance by gorgeous and voluptuous redhead knockout Jan Sebastian) settles down in the Louisiana swamp after marrying kindhearted Cajun good ol' boy Big T. (a likable portrayal by Tray Loren). In the wake of being abducted and defiled by a bunch of vile hillbilly scumbags, Angelique is forced to use the survival skills Big T. taught her in order to exact a harsh revenge on the wholly deserving redneck swine.

Writers/directors Ferd and Beverly Sebastian offer a flavorsome depiction of the colorful local Cajun culture, maintain a pleasingly sleazy atmosphere throughout, make nice use of the backwoods bayou locations, don't pull any punches with the ugly and protracted rape set piece, and stage an exciting boat chase with a reasonable amount of skill and gusto. The hick bad guys are quite scuzzy, disgusting, and detestable, with Paul Muzzcat in particular a slimy stand-out as vicious and repulsive ringleader Leroy. In addition, Reyn Hubbard contributes an amusing turn as stuttering idiot Geke while Sebastian and Loren display an engaging on-screen chemistry. As a yummy extra bonus, the delectable Mrs. Sebastian shows off a lot of her eye-popping full figure. George H. Hamilton's twangy score further enhances the overall downhome tang. Ferd Sebastian's fairly polished cinematography boasts a few neat stylistic flourishes. A satisfying serving of pretty nasty trash. (IMDB Woodyanders)

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