Blood Diner (1987)

Blood Diner (1987)
Blood Diner - Garantiert geschmacklos

This film begins with a warning about the 'unusual motion picture' that you are about to see, and that description really couldn't be much more apt, as Blood Diner is a relentless assault of absurdity and general weirdness. This film has been compared to Herschell Gordon Lewis' trash classic Video Nasty, Blood Feast, and that is a suitable comparison to make as both films are really very similar. However, while Lewis' film seemed odd because of his lack of budget and general ineptitude, Blood Diner is out and out over the top and ridiculous on purpose, and the two films have different slants. The plot focuses on two cannibalistic brothers, who have been recruited by their uncle to resurrect an ancient Egyptian goddess. And, if you think that's weird - wait until you find out that the uncle is actually a brain and a pair of eyes in a jar, and the only way to resurrect the goddess is through killing and butchering a bunch of slutty women, and then sticking the various body parts together, Frankenstein style! (IMDB The_Void)

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