The Psychic (1977)

The Psychic (1977)
Sette note in nero
Murder to the Tune of the Seven Black Notes
Sieben schwarze Noten
Siete notas en negro
Death Tolls Seven Times

Ever since her mother's suicide when she was a child,interior designer Virginia (Jennifer O'Neil) has had psychic abilities. Newly married she is heading out to her husband's old country estate to begin a surprise restoration. But on the way to the house she has a vision of a woman being killed and walled up by a limping assassin. When she arrives to the house she discovers the skeleton of a woman behind the living room wall... "The Psychic"/"Seven Notes in Black" is easily one of the best and most underrated Fulci's films. The film has wonderful dreamlike atmosphere and is reminiscent to Edgar Allan Poe's classic story "The Black Cat". The pace is pretty slow and there is virtually no gore,but the plot is extremely intriguing and full of twists. (IMDB HumanoidOfFlesh)

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