Pretty When You Cry (2001)

Pretty When You Cry (2001)

Thinking that he left this dark event in his past behind him Albert Straka, Jamie Kennedy, couldn't have been more wrong. With a new start in life and being engaged to a caring and lovely girl Emily, Lorie Heuring, the last thing that Albert thought that would happen happened.

One morning two police detectives enter the antique shop where Albert is working and take him down to the police station for questioning for the murder of Frank Carreni, Michael Cavalieri, a person that Albert knew who now he would like to forget.

Frank's body was found at the bottom of a bridge outside the city. The police pathologist determined that he was murdered somewhere else and his body dumped there. Under questioning by Det.Lukas Black, Sam Elliott, Albert is handed a seasons greeting card that he sent to Frank's wife Sara, Carlton Elizabeth. What Albert wrote to her was a lot more personal that your average greeting card. (IMDB sol1218)

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