The Erotic Circus (1969)

The Erotic Circus (1969)
Orgy in the Psycho House

Decadent swinging speed dealer Louie (robustly played with sleazy aplomb by Louis Waldon) and his two equally debauched gal pals Debbie (foxy brunette Natily Clad) and Mary (busty blonde Mimosa Schoes) decide to pay a visit to Louie's oddball sister (a nicely bitchy portrayal by Cherie Winters), who lives in a secluded woodland area with her meek son Jamie (catatonic Jaimy Royale) and tormented caretaker Yenos (hulking Stephen Treadwell). However, things eventually turn nasty when a killer starts bumping off the unwanted guests.

Writer/director Henri Pachard makes inspired use of the bleak wintry landscape, maintains a grim tone throughout, does a solid job of crafting an appropriately downbeat and morbid atmosphere, and goes all-out bonkers with the climactic last reel bloodbath. Moreover, Pachard presents a satisfying cavalcade of sexual perversity: We've got rape, incest, sadism, lesbianism, and even transvestitism. The colorful array of deliciously deranged characters are a total twisted hoot to watch, with the glum and short-tempered Yenos rating as the definite creepy stand-out. The hypnotically gradual pace further enhances the overall air of pervasive peculiarity. The gore effects are pretty crude, but still do the trick just the same. The rough cinematography by Arthur D. Marks provides a suitably scrappy and unpolished look while the wild'n'jazzy sitar and organ blasting score hits the right-on groovy spot. A real curio. (IMDB  Woodyanders)

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