Whats Up Hideous Sun Demon (1983)

Whats Up Hideous Sun Demon (1983)
Revenge of the Sun Demon

"What's Up, Hideous Sun Demon" (also known as "Revenge of the Sun Demon") deletes the original dialogue from "The Hideous Sun Demon" and adds voice-overs with funny dialogue.

Barbara Goodson (Rita Repulsa from the many reincarnations of "Power Rangers") covers the original role of Patricia Manning well and Susan Tyrell (Academy Award nominee in "Fat City") is hilarious filling in for Nan Peterson's well-endowed and ditsy nightclub girl. Bernard Behrens covers several male voices. All three get some good line, but, Jay Leno steals the show with material you definitely won't hear on "The Tonight Show." ...for some reason, Leno was never credited for his narration. You won't find his name anywhere in the credits or on the DVD cover. I'm not sure why. He occupies 75 percent of the movie and carries the whole film. You actually find yourself wanting to fast forward to get to his parts. (IMDB pv71989-2)  V&D

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