Not of This Earth (1988)

Not of This Earth (1988)

Perky nurse Nadine Story (an endearingly spunky portrayal by delectable former underage porno starlet Traci Lords) discovers that Mr. Johnson (nicely played with appropriately deadpan sinisterness by Arthur Roberts), the mysterious man she works for, is really a lethal vampiric alien with deadly glowing blue eyes who's researching mankind for possible conquest by his dying race from the atomic war-ravaged planet Davanna. Director/co-writer Jim Wynorski and frequent collaborator R.J. Robertson bring an amusingly tongue-in-cheek campy sensibility to the enjoyably silly premise and treat the whole thing with a refreshing dearth of pretense: the plot zips along at a constant brisk pace, there's a pleasingly copious amount of yummy gratuitous female nudity, the cheap special effects are suitably tacky, and we even get choice snazzy clips from such drive-in trash gems as "Hollywood Boulevard," "Humanoids from the Deep," "Forbidden World," and "Galaxy of Terror." (IMDB  Woodyanders)

Traci Lords

Lynn Theel

Kim Sill

Zoran Hochstätter

Michael DeLano

Monique Gabrielle

Roxanne Kernohan - Ava Cadell - Cynthia Ann Thompson

Ed Morgan

Becky LeBeau

Kelli Maroney

Rebecca Perle

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