A Life of Ninja (1983)

A Life of Ninja (1983)
Wang ming ren zhe
Ninja - Grandmaster of Death
Deadly Life of a Ninja

The plot has to do with a corrupt, philandering Hong Kong businessman, Chan Ming-fu, who finds himself the target of a ninja clan after launching a deal involving a Japanese company. He has problems with a wife angry over his unfaithfulness and her sister, Sun Chi Mei, who runs competing business ventures. The hero, Chow Han Wei, is a kendo teacher with ninja training, who begins a romance with Chi Mei, the business-owning sister-in-law and an accomplished fighter in her own right, and is ultimately recruited as a bodyguard for Chan Ming-fu. A police detective investigates murders of various associates of Chan Ming-fu and asks for help from Chow Han Wei as well. A female ninja infiltrates Chan's business operation and succeeds in bugging his office to monitor his plans. Chow manages to fend off ninja attacks on his client, his girlfriend and himself, all of which involve an intriguing array of ninja weapons and techniques, and he eventually takes the fight to the Iga Ninja Clan's elaborate cave headquarters on an island near Hong Kong, where he engages in a frenzied sword fight with attacking black-clad ninjas and finally takes on the clan leader in an intense one-on-one kung fu bout. There are flashbacks to Chow's own ninja training as a youth with a Japanese teacher who was slain by the Iga ninja chief. (IMDB  Brian Camp)

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