Exitus interruptus (2006 Germany)

Exitus interruptus (2006 Germany)

Exitus interruptus - Der Tod ist erst der Anfang 

Five years after narrowly escaping the clutches of a psycho killer, a young woman once again finds herself abducted and abused—this time by a masked maniac who subjects her to a series of harrowing ordeals.

Exitus Interruptus is an always sleazy and sometimes cheesy slice of trash from German director of underground horror Andreas Bethmann. As always, Bethmann's intention is to disgust and offend, this time with a star who is completely naked for the majority of the running time, lots of violence, a little necro action and a maniac in a gimp mask sporting a Vanilla Ice/Ivan Drago-style flat-top. (IMDB  BA_Harrison)

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