White Room (1990)

White Room (1990)

The troubled Norm (Maurice Godin) lives with his parents and during the night he peeps women in their houses. When he witnesses the murder of the rock star Madelaine X (Margot Kidder), he feels partially guilty since he only called the police and did not help her. Norm decides to leave home and tells his parents that he is going to write a book. While looking for a job, he meets Zelda (Sheila McCarthy) and she offers a work in her news stand to him. When Norm meets Jane (Kate Nelligan), he follows her and offers to work as gardener in her house in the country and they fall in love for each other. When Norm discloses the secret that Jane actually dubbed Madelaine X, he writes the draft of a book with the true story and tragic consequences.

"White Room" is an unknown gem, one of those weird refreshing movies that are worthwhile watching and slightly recalls the masterpiece "Blue Velvet". The bitter love story has an atmosphere of a dream in some moments, and the conclusion seems to be a fairytale. The annoying character of Zelda is necessary for the conclusion of the story, but she irritated me most of the time. In the end, life is beautiful in the world of fantasy. (IMDB Claudio Carvalho) V&D

Kate Nelligan
Sheila McCarthy

Margot Kidder

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