Beast of the Yellow Night (1971)

Beast of the Yellow Night (1971)
La bestia de la noche amarilla

Directed by: Eddie Romero

During the 1970s, a long series of schlocky horror films came out of the Philippines. They all were extremely low budgeted, featured ridiculous looking monsters and tossed in some boobies. I have yet to see one of these films that doesn't fit this pattern--and this certainly includes "The Beast of the Yellow Night". It's bad but also fun if you happen to like bad films--and there are quite a few bad movie buffs out there. Heck, despite reviewing countless art and foreign films, I like a schlock film now and then--and an Eddie Romero film certainly fits that bill.

An idiot (perennial lead in Filipino horror films, John Ashley) eats some poisonous fruit. But instead of dying, Satan appears and makes him a deal--you become my servant and I'll let you live. Now this movie's version of Satan is interesting--he's no idiot in a red suit and horns--he's just some fat Filipino guy in a bandanna. However, wouldn't you know it but this bargain comes with a catch--the guy becomes a hairy monster with a taste for human flesh. Not surprisingly, this creates problems with his lady, as he is torn between ripping her clothes off or just ripping her to pieces.

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