The Mad Bomber (1973)

Mad Bomber, The (1973)

The Mad Bomber (1973)
The Police Connection
Aus der Hölle gespuckt

William Dorn (Chuck Connors) is an angry and disturbed man. Frustrated over the drug overdose of his daughter, he decides to strike back at anyone whom he's imagined was responsible for her death. But what he really wants to do is punish society at large. He'll even leave bombs at feminist gatherings. Determined to nail this paranoid villain is grouchy, hard nosed detective Geronimo Minelli (!) (Vince Edwards), the kind of guy who does anything it takes to get his man. That includes working with the one man who can identify Dorn, and HE turns out to be a rapist! George Fromley (Neville Brand) is loathe to cooperate with Minelli until he realizes what the cop is capable of. (IMDB  Scott LeBrun)

Director: Bert I. Gordon 

Bert I. Gordon "has the distinction, dubious though it may be, of having the most movies shown on Mystery Science Theater 3000" though this is considered to be one of his better works.

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