Blacker Than the Night (1975 Mexico)

Blacker Than the Night (1975 Mexico)
Más negro que la noche
Darker Than Night

"Blacker than the Night" by Carlos Enrique Taboada tells the story of an aspiring young actress named Ofelia who inherits her great aunt's house and moves in with three female friends. Deceased Aunt Susan has a little creepy black cat named Bequer.When Bequer kills the canary of librarian Aurora cosmopolitan friends of Ofelia are angry. The cat mysteriously vanishes and is later found dead in the cellar.Soon Ofelia and her three friends start experiencing ghostly apparitions of dressed in black Aunt. Slow-moving but suspenseful mystery horror with plenty of atmosphere of subtle dread. The characters of three Ofelia's friends are selfish and arrogant,so it's nice to see them being haunted and killed. (IMDB  HumanoidOfFlesh) NV&D

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