Mädchen im Nachtverkehr aka Girls in the Night Traffic (1976)

Girls in the Night Traffic (1976) 
Mädchen im Nachtverkehr

Jess Franco film that has three hookers sitting around telling stories of their previous nights work. One of them gets picked up by a so called artist but he turns out to be a pimp who kidnaps the girl. The other two go to her rescue and take revenge on the pimp.

As with several Franco movies, Girls in the Night Traffic is a softcore version while Wilde Lust is the hardcore one. For starters, both films are completely lazy even for Franco standards when it comes to the story. The story that I mentioned above makes no sense in either version and what story there is adds up to around seven minutes while the rest of the running time has sex. Three beautiful women making out is always erotic but when watching a movie it becomes quite tiresome after a while. Girls runs 68 minutes while Lust runs 93 and I'm sure you know what that extra running time is made of. It's rather difficult to say which version is the "director's cut" because the soft version has cuts in the print, which are obviously where the sex goes. The hard version, during some scenes it's clear the inserts are from other movies while some are real with the current actors. Either way, a mess. (IMDB  Michael_Elliott)

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