House on the Edge of the Park (1980)

House on the Edge of the Park (1980)
La casa sperduta nel parco
Violencia mortal
Der Schlitzer
The House on the Edge of the Park

"House on the Edge of the Park" is a truly shocking film, which makes other of its kind (like "Last House on the Left")tame in comparison. Here's the plot:David A.Hess plays Alex, a rapist/killer who rapes and murders a young woman in the car.After that, he and his buddy Ricky( Giovanni Lombardo Radice) go to a high society party.The orgy of violence begins there... Beware: this film contains some of the most shocking and disturbing scenes ever put to film. Especially the scene,when a young Cindy (Brigitte Petronio) is humiliated and tortured with a razor by Alex,is really sick and hard to forget. The musical score by Riz Ortolani is perfect(pretty funky-I might add!)and there are some memorable lines here. The cast is pretty good (Lorraine de Selle from "Cannibal Ferox" is almost likable as Gloria) and the film is well-written and cleverly-made. Definitely one to avoid if you don't like strong stuff. However if you're fed up with boring Hollywood's trash, then this exploitation gem is not to be missed. (IMDB  HumanoidOfFlesh)

Karoline Mardeck

Marie Claude Joseph

Lorraine De Selle(L)  Annie Belle(R)

Gabriele Di Giulio

David Hess

David Hess - Christian Borromeo

Giovanni Lombardo Radice

Brigitte Petronio

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