Hell's Ground (2007)

Hell's Ground (2007)
Zombies Hell's Ground

Director: Omar Khan (as Omar Ali Khan) 

Hell's Ground, promoted as Pakistan's first gore film, is a co-production from cult UK DVD label Mondo Macabro, who specialise in finding and releasing cinematic oddities from around the world, and Pakistan's Bubonic Films. (IMDB BA_Harrison)

The tale is fairly simple at heart. A group of students (heavily resembling die-hard punk and rock fans) go out to attend a music concert. They happen to take a detour but are seriously misguided and end up at a place that is more or less like a zombie land. The dwellers have hideously deformed bodies due to constant consumption of water from a nearby pool that's polluted by chemicals. They manage to save themselves and get caught up in something even worse. But wait! There is something that puts 'Zibahkhana' miles ahead of the other flicks of the slapstick genre....IT'S SCARY! (IMDB khayaal_e_yaar)

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