Trilogy of Lust 2 Portrait of a Sex Killer (1995)

Trilogy of Lust 2 Portrait of a Sex Killer (1995)
Xue lian II

TRILOGY OF LUST 2 is a hell of a ride. One of the most twisted and sleazy CATIII films I've ever seen - this one has it all for sleaze-fans. Tons of sex, perversion, rape, violence - everything that you want in this type of thing...

A lady lives a double-life as an office-manager by day, and a freaky sex-queen by nite. Due to abuse at the hands of her Uncle as a young girl - she takes out her anger by dressing up in bondage gear and approaching guys at bars for sexual-liaisons. Only down-side, is that these flings end in torture and death for the guys involved. There's a side-story where a couple that work at the same office have a scheme to get money out of the woman by using the male worker to seduce her - but this backfires too. When boss-lady finds out that one of her victims had HIV, she really goes off the deep-end...

Lots of sleazy goodness in this one: tons of full-frontal nudity and pretty hot soft-core sex, some good torture on display - including some strange squid torture and staple-gun play, some cigarette-burn action, and a truly odd scene where the male co-worker finds a bunch of sex-toys in the boss-lady's house and dildo's himself in the ass til he spunks on her wall...strange stuff. Definitely amongst the weirder and trashier CATIII entries out there, and definitely recommended for fans of the genre (EVOL666 IMDB)

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