Dog Day (1984 France)

Dog Day (1984 France) 
Dog Day - Ein Mann rennt um sein Leben

This is essentially a trash film that luckily does not take itself too seriously. It is well aware of its nature as entertainment and uses themes familiar from such films as "Deliverance" and "The Hills Have Eyes" in a sort of parodic context.

It features a family living in rural France where the father is a brutal and violent pervert, his brother is same but worse, the son (about 10) is following on the same track and the father's sister is a nympho. Key in lots of tasteless moments (the clubbering to death of two Swedish (topless) campers, the suicide of the grandmother when they threaten to take her to old folks' home, the spending spree of the 10 year old kid in a cathouse and so on)and what you have is a fairly entertaining exploitation picture with a European touch. (IMDB Sorsimus)

Director: Yves Boisset 
Lee Marvin - Jimmy Cobb 
Miou-Miou - Jessica
Jean Carmet - Socrate 
Tina Louise - Noémie Blue 

Lee Marvin and Tina Louise

Tina Louise

Bernadette Lafont

Joseph Momo

Sniffing underwear


Grace De Capitani

Miou-Miou - Lee Marvin

Going to the whorehouse to party

Trying to force sex on Lee Marvin

Chrystel as a stripper


Pierre Clémenti-Juliette Mills-Grace De Capitani



I'll drill you

Hey it's boobs

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