Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek (1973)

Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek (1973)
Turist Ömer Uzay Yolu'nda
Turkish Star Trek (1973)

Most people describe this movie as a cheap Star Trek clone with a Turkish guy in it. Actually, Omer is the protagonist here so it's not a Star Trek movie. It's a Turist Omer movie in Star Trek setting. And like all of the Turist Omer movies, Sadri Alisik is the only thing good about it. He was an extremely talented actor. (IMDB mulayim_sert)

In the seventies Marvel comics and Italian comics were very popular in Turkey. Turkish movie producers saw that they could earn some money from this opportunity. They made a lot of quick and low budget comic's movies as superman, zagor, phantom, captan America etc . All these movies had a simple story and bad casting. But this movie is different. First of all the production company was a powerful movie company. They knew what Turkish people liked. They knew that Turkish people like Star Trek. They knew also that Turkish people like Turist Omer character. If they could bring these two items together than the movie would be a great success. (IMDB  Ersin)

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