Gun Woman (2014 Japan)

Gun Woman (2014 Japan)

The movie starts with two hit men on a road trip to Las Vegas who discuss about a monstrous Japanese rapist and murderer named "Hamazaki's son". He is the son of a Japanese politician named "Hamazaki" The story revolves around him at first. He is short, skinny and as pale as a corpse with eyes that look like they haven't got any sleep since his birth. His character is played so well that you may the think that the actor who played this role is actually a psychopath. When Hamazaki dies, the Japanese conglomerate give him a lot of inheritance money on one condition- he is kicked out of Japan and is never to return. After a series of rapes and murder in different countries, he settles down in Los Angeles, USA.

He blames a doctor for his father's death, who apparently couldn't save his father. Hamazaki's son finds this doctor and his wife. he rapes and murders the doctor's wife in front of him then cripples him but leaves him alive.

The doctor seeks revenge. the crippled state of the doctor and the fact that Hamazaki's son lives in house as good a fortress with many armed body guards make the mission of revenge almost impossible. he selects a woman and trains her( martial arts and gun training) to the job. His assassination is to be done at a place where his bodyguards aren't around but there is a catch. The movie is full of plot twists and gore. The action is breathtaking. The movie has a few plot holes and weak performances but that didn't stop it from being a great movie overall. 9IMDB  Adhiraj Singh)

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