The Secret Six (1931)

The Secret Six (1931)

After rising bootlegger Slaughterhouse Scorpio eliminates his gangland competition, two reporters and a cabal of six businessmen work to expose him. (IMDB)

Wallace Beery     Scorpio
Lewis Stone     Newton
Johnny Mack Brown     Hank (as John Mack Brown)
Jean Harlow     Anne
Marjorie Rambeau     Peaches
Paul Hurst     Mizoski - the Gouger
Clark Gable     Carl
Ralph Bellamy     Johnny Franks 

'The Secret Six' was a name coined by Chicago Tribune reporter James Doherty to six influential Chicago businessmen (including the president of Sears- Roebuck)who organized the business community against Al Capone and were instrumental in obtaining his conviction on tax evasion. 

Wallace Beery

Ralph Bellamy

Lewis Stone

Marjorie Rambeau (R)

Louis Natheaux

Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow-Clark Gable-Johnny Mack Brown

 Paul Hurst

Clark Gable

 Murray Kinnell

Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow

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