The Real Story: The Untouchables (2009)

The Real Story: The Untouchables (2009)

 The real story of how Eliot Ness and his Untouchables were actually a smokescreen for the forensic accounting tax investigation of crime boss, Al Capone. invincible Mafia boss.

Director: Chris Mitchell 

I appreciated this episode of "The Real Story", as it helps to correct some misconceptions concerning the conviction of Al Capone back in 1931. If you watch the movie "The Untouchables", you get the impression that it was Elliott Ness and his team who were responsible for getting the goods on Capone. However, the government case against Capone didn't involve Ness as a witness at all but was based on the hard work of an IRS investigator, Frank Wilson--a man mostly forgotten today. However, the story doesn't stop there--it also explains HOW this misconception occurred as well as the context for the story. (IMDB planktonrules)

Al Capone

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