Some Nudity Required (1998)

Some Nudity Required (1998) 

Odette Springer worked for Roger Corman, the legendary b-movie producer, during the mid-nineties. Mostly, she composed soundtracks, but acted in one movie also. Somewhere along the way, she decided to make a movie about how women are exploited in low budget trash movies.

... Odette interviews the men who make the movies, such as Corman, Jim Wyrnoski, and Fred Aldo Ray. They basically explain that the movies contain nudity because the audience is primarily male, and this is what will attract them to the film. Several actresses are interviewed and provide different attitudes about doing nudity.

The most time is given to actress Maria Ford, who looks much better dressed casually for the interview than she does in any of the clips from her movies. She expresses a dislike for doing some of the things her movies requires, but is afraid to speak out in case she gets a bad reputation and isn't given more work. ... Springer makes herself a big part of the story, discussing her own career, as well as some revelations about her personal history. She makes sure to score the film with plenty of her own compositions. Some of the criticisms of the movie mention that she has perhaps put too much attention on herself. (IMDB jfgibson73)

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