Forbidden World (1982)

Forbidden World (1982)

On planet Xarbia, an experimental life form, Subject 20, has been created by an elite group of researchers in hopes of preventing a galactic food crisis. However, when Subject 20 becomes deadly, the best troubleshooter in the Galaxy is called in to investigate. (IMDB Concorde - New Horizons)

Perhaps the cheesiest, bloodiest Sci-Fi movie you'll ever see, this is pure entertainment from start to finish. Plenty of the obligatory 80's gore on display, a few quite sick moments & lots of amateurish can you go wrong!?! If you're a sci-fi horror fan this will be right up your street. Just don't expect 'Alien', OK? (IMDB  termy-2) V&D

Don Olivera

June Chadwick-Linden Chiles

Dawn Dunlap

Fox Harris

Jesse Vint

Dawn Dunlap-Michael Bowen

 Ray Oliver

Scott Paulin

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