Blood Freak (1972)

Hershel rides his bike into town meeting Ann, a bible quoting good girl and her sister Ann who is more of a party girl.  The girls father gives Hershel a job on his turkey farm doing odd jobs. Two goofy scientists need to test a drug that they have been using on the turkeys for any bad effects it may have on humans who consume the turkeys. It appears that their protocol is to have someone eat a turkey that they used the drug on, then check the person the next day for any bad side effects. Good thing they had such elaborate testing procedures because the drug turned Hershel into a turkey monster with a taste for blood. Through it all they keep cutting to a narrator who rambles on with inane gibberish that seems intended to either pad the running time or make the film seem to have some purpose.

I suspect that this was not a big budget mainstream Hollywood production.

Focus the camera 

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