Angel in Red (1991)

Uncaged (1991) 
Angel in Red
Angel in Red - Blutspur auf dem Sunset Strip

Director: Lisa Hunt (as William Duprey) 

Writing Credits  
Joan Freeman ... (story) (as Joan Freeman Alden) &
Robert Alden ... (story)
Catherine Cyran ... (screenplay) 

Odette Springer as Singer 

Mickie (a solid and sympathetic performance by Leslie Bega) works as a prostitute for vicious and unbalanced pimp Sharkey (a not half bad portrayal by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Mickie and her hooker friends find themselves in considerable jeopardy after Sharkey goes lethally loony.

While director Lisa Hunt keeps the engrossingly sordid story moving along at a snappy pace, maintains a fairly tough and seamy tone throughout, makes good use of the grimy urban locations, offers a pleasing plethora of tasty distaff nudity, and pulls out all the stirring stops at the wild'n'violent climax, she crucially fails to deliver the necessary full-on nasty punch needed to make this one truly sizzle. Moreover, Catherine Cyrin's compact, yet formulaic script sticks to a pretty predictable narrative trajectory. Fortunately, the competent acting from a sturdy cast holds this picture together: Pamella D'Pella as the sassy Ros, Gregory Millar as suave rival pimp Silk, Harry Brown as the fearsome and imposing Stash, Jason Oliver as Mickie's brain-damaged brother Robby, Elana Salagun as the defiant Joey, Sheila Scott-Wilkenson as the hard-bitten Tina, and Chelsea Madison-Clun as pathetic strung-out junkie Ceil. Flavio Martinez Labiano's sharp cinematography provides a glittery neon glow. While this flick lacks the raw scuzzy edge of "Vice Squad" or 'Streetwalkin'," it's still nonetheless a decent little Grade B programmer. (IMDB Woodyanders)

Leslie Bega

 Elena Sahagun

 Elena Sahagun

Leslie Bega

Henry Brown

Chelsea Madison-Ciu

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