Ecstasy in Berlin, 1926 (2004)

Ecstasy in Berlin, 1926 (2004) 

Maria Beatty presents us once again with her take on the decadence of the Weimar era. A mistress and her slave perform a number of S&M flavoured performances. All of these are exquisitely choreographed with gracefully seductive movement and sometimes erotically vicious acts.

Foot fetishism, bondage and Beatty's trademark pearls all make an appearance. The actresses are beautiful and the costume is certainly convincing with regards to the atmosphere of pre-war Berlin.

Mostly in Black and White to focus on that 30s erotica vibe with touches of colour to add interesting psychological levels. Homage is paid to Anais Nin and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and there are some interesting ideas in how to present erotica in general. As is often the case with erotica/pornography directed by women the performances have a relaxed feel that refuses to be rushed. This in itself can be psychologically arousing.

A lush and beautiful experience marred only slightly by some depressingly bad music in places (stick with Zorn, some of the stuff here sounds awful and cheap).

This left me with the feeling that I had experienced one of the legendary cabaret sex shows of the time. (IMDB guitarphil)

Director: Maria Beatty 

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