Mucha Sangre (2002)

Mucha Sangre (2002)

Spanish alien zombie comedy gore film ...

Two men escape from prison then make a b-line to retrieve some stolen cash. Ending up double crossed they find themselves up against some alien zombies. These guys escape from prison, take this sexy chick hostage and then want to get money from this ganglord. But it turns out he's the Padre of a group of alien zombies that are trying to populate Spain by sodomizing the men and turning them into zombies as well.

Starring Paul Naschy, famous for playing werewolf in a long running series of movies, this is an on the cheap production that reminded me of Peter Jackson's Bad Taste. Very gory, the film is hampered by some really bad taste and offensive attitudes (misogyny abounds)... (IMDB  jportwood3 &  dbborroughs)

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