Repo Man (1984)

Repo Man (1984) 

Frustrated punk rocker Otto quits his supermarket job after slugging a co-worker, and is later dumped by his girlfriend at a party. Wandering the streets in frustration, he is recruited in the repossession of a car by a repo agent. After discovering his parents have donated his college fund to a televangelist, he joins the repossession agency (Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation) as an apprentice "repo man". (IMDB  Baroque)

Michael Nesmith executive producer 

Sue Kiel

Olivia Barash

Susan Barnes
 Agent Rogersz is supposed to have a cybernetic, metallic arm. 
Due to the low budget of the film, the producers were unable 
to come up with a convincing prop arm. Her arm in the film 
appears to be nothing more than a glove made out of 
metallic-threaded cloth. The cheap effect confused numerous 
viewers as to why other characters in the film were so fascinated 
by her "glove".  (IMDB)

Richard Foronjy

Charles Hopkins

Vonetta McGee

The Circle Jerks

Jennifer Balgobin

Dick Rude-Jennifer Balgobin

Miguel Sandoval

Fox Harris

Angelique Pettyjohn

1964 Ford Falcon Futura.

In addition to his appearance on a TV screen in the 
"Art Remnants" segment, Executive Producer Michael 
Nesmith has a non-speaking cameo as the Rabbi who 
approaches the glowing Malibu with Reverend Larry. (IMDB)

No special effects were used to make the Chevy Malibu 
glow while parked at the repossession lot. Instead, 
the car was completely coated with 3M reflective paint, 
at an approximate price of $600 per bucket. (IMDB)

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