Maniac Cop II (1990)

Maniac Cop II (1990)

The film starts off with a recap of what happened at the end of the original Maniac Cop and this leads to the police force believing that Matt Cordell drowned and his body got washed away. Well, they are wrong as he is back on the streets of New York doing what he does best, by seeking revenge on his fellow officers, unexpected citizens and on those crooked authorities who framed him. But his not alone on this crusade, as he's joined by a jolly serial killer. So, it's up to detective Sean McKinney and police psychologist Susan Riley to put a stop to this macabre madness. (IMDB  lost-in-limbo)

Robert Davi

 During production of the chase scene, the fuel cell (a small gas canister for stunt driving to reduce chance of explosion) for the Taxi didn't arrive on time. The stunt proceeded despite this, and the gas tank caught fire from sparks generated by the wheel rims scraping the pavement. The stunt driver fled from the flaming car, the fire was doused, and the film was briefly halted from production. (IMDB)

Leo Rossi
 Originally (Joe Spinell) was to play Turkell the homicidal maniac. This would have bridged Lustig's Maniac Cop series with his earlier film Maniac (1980). However, Spinell died before filming began and had to be replaced (by Leo Rossi). The film is dedicated to Spinell in the end credits. (IMDB)

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