The Devil's Cleavage (1975)

The Devil's Cleavage (1975)

Restless nurses! Lovesick sheriffs! Sexed-up Girl Scout leaders! Lonely motel managers! And other degenerates populate George Kuchar‘s early ’70s mock-Hollywood soap opera, The Devil’s Cleavage.

Ainslie Pryor stars as Nurse Ginger, who is stuck married to a total slob, so she takes to cheating on her hubby with anybody she cans. Eventually, she leaves home and becomes the object of obsession of a seedy Oklahoma motel manager played by Kuchar compatriot Curt McDowell.  (Arts Emerson)

Male: I don't want to talk about hearts this afternoon. Hearts are brittle even in the heat of the day. If only they were made of chocolate, sweet, rich ... melting more and more with every hot breath.

Female: The breath that blew on you was a scorcher, wasn't it?

Male: Yes it was, only it blew in from an iceberg. A thing of frozen treachery and deception. I ran into it alright and I am taking on water fast.

Female: Would you like me to inflate something that you can hang on to?

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