Madame de Sade (1986)

 Madame de Sade (1986) 
Madamu Sado: Mesu jigoku
Madame De Sade: She Beast in Hell

A man is kidnapped by his ex-girlfriend on his wedding day and sexually tortured. When his wife finally runs into him after 3 months - the man finds that even though he still loves his wife - he can no longer perform sexually for her as he's been "broken" and turned into his ex-girlfriend's sex-slave. Meanwhile - his fiancé has started an affair with his brother which complicates things further. The man's ex-girlfriend decides to invite the fiancé, her new boyfriend, and that guy's ex-girlfriend over for a "chat" - of course this turns into an orgy of sexual sadism as you would expect from this sort of thing... (IMDB  EVOL666)

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