Black Moon (1934)

The National Recovery Administration (NRA) was one of a constellation of federal agencies that made up President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program to help Americans recover from the Great Depression. Established in 1933 in an effort to spur industrial recovery, the NRA sought to use government power to restrain competition and end the downward cycle of wage cuts and price reductions, without abolishing the free market.

Black Moon (1934) 

A young girl who lives on a tropical island loses her parents to a voodoo sacrifice, but although she manages to escape the island, a curse is put on her. Years later, as an adult, she feels a strong compulsion to return to the island to confront her past. Her husband, her daughter and her nanny go with her, but once back on the island, the woman finds herself elevated by the locals to the stature of a voodoo goddess, and she begins her inevitable descent into madness, with disastrous results for her family. (IMDB frankfob2)

Fay Wray

Fay Wray & Dorothy Burgess

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