La Sconosciuta (2006)

 La Sconosciuta (2006)
The Unknown Woman

The Ukranian Irena (Xenia Rappoport) arrives in the city of 
Velarchi, rents an expensive but simple apartment and seeks 
a job as a servant in the building in the other side of the 
street. Then she manages to work for the wealthy couple of 
gold dealers Adacher, and occasionally babysitting their 
little daughter Tea (Clara Dossena), who has a rare neurological 
disease that leaves the little girl without self-defense 
against any sort of aggression or accident. While working for 
the family, she is haunted by recollections from her mysterious 
past of prostitution and violence in Ukrania. However, her nightmares 
come true when she meets her former pimp that she believed 
had died. (IMDB Claudio Carvalho)

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