Donovan's Brain (1953)

Well-crafted sci-fi with minimal special effects. Of course, the premise 
of a disembodied brain taking thought control of its master has kicked 
around more than a few times. However, this is arguably the best version, 
thanks to a tight screenplay and a fine central performance. Ayers must 
go from nice guy doctor to tyrannical business tycoon whenever the evil 
brain takes control. And he does both in highly convincing fashion—sure 
a long way from young Dr. Kildare. Nancy Davis (Reagan) also delivers as 
the loyal wife. Her films may never have been very distinguished, but 
she was always a credible low-key performer. Note also that usual tough 
guy Gene Evans gets the thankless "Igor" role as the lab assistant.
(IMDB dougdoepke)

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