The Rape of the Sabines (1961)

 The Rape of the Sabines (1961)
Romulus and the Sabines
Der Raub der Sabinerinnen

Roger Moore (of "The Saint" and 007 fame) toplines this all but forgotten Sword and 
Sandal excursion, assaying the role of Romulus, the founder of Rome. As King, his
mission is to find women for his ragtag congregation of Roman "citizens".

He sets his sites on a vestal virgin from nearly Sabinia, along with as many unattached 
women he can round up. Successful in corraling an army of lasses, he presides over 
their pairing off with his host of men.

But the men of Sabinia, deprived of their wenches, mount an attack against Rome to 
rescue the damsels, leading to a conflagration of swordplay as the film winds it's 
way towards conclusion.

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