The Ravager (1970)

The Ravager (1970)
Bestie der Wollust

Joe, a Vietnam War serviceman who witnessed a girl raped, 
beaten, and blown to bits, develops a unique serial 
killer/rapist identity on returning to the states---- 
his big thrill is blowing folks up with sticks of dynamite
(which he purchases casually over the counter at the local 
explosives retail shop). Initially, his targets for obliteration 
are social juveniles, lesbians, and other 
undesirable misfits of society. Eventually, he broadens his 
scope and anyone is fair game...even an innocent housewife and 
her nine-year-old son. During these acts of violence, Joe makes 
strange, twitchy orgasm faces and sweats profusely. On screen 
action is occasionally punctuated by some especially sleazy 
elevator muzak, and there's a memorably nasty barbecued 
lezzy bit. NV (IMDB EyeAskance)





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