Love to Kill (1993 Hong Kong)

  Anthony Wong plays a violent, jealous husband (and father) 
who treats his wife like crap and rapes, assaults and humiliates 
her constantly. He also incarcerates her in her own apartment and 
forbids her to have any friends. His son isn't treated any better 
and is witness to much of the defilement his mother bears.

Danny Lee, a local cop, befriends Wong's wife after learning 
of her predicament and hatches a plan to save her from her 
brutish husband. Naturally, Wong is at odds with Lee's good 
intentions and a bloody confrontation looms. When said confrontation 
occurs, the gore flies and the corpses crash to the floor. Even Wong's 
son gets the sharp end of his father's stick.

"Love To Kill" is sensational exploitation, a film that goes all the 
way and keeps going until it becomes repugnant and has alienated most 
reviewers... and that's what makes it so admirable.
(IMDB fertilecelluloid)

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