Kuwait Connection (1973)

 Kuwait Connection (1973) 
Wolves Don't Eat Meat
Zi'ab la ta'kol al lahm

Wolves Don't Eat meat has all the intrinsic ingredients that feeds the 
needs of the most ardent exploitation fan - sexy sleaze, pulpy violence 
and a funky electro score (from Morricone collaborator Patrick Sampson) 
and infuses proceedings with an off kilter weirdness that would certainly 
cross over to the 'analytical' art-house crowd. Budgetary mistakes or not - 
no other crime movie from the Middle East quite looks like this one - the 
first speechless 30 mins is a tour de force of mood and strangeness as our 
assassin anti hero stumbles in to a crazed orgiastic pot party following a 
frantic car chase. The Italian influence is prevalent throughout and when 
we get to the shocking slaughter house face off Wolves Don't Eat Meat has 
already established itself as a left of centre masterpiece. 
(IMDB Dazzler Blue Jean) NV