Earth vs. the Spider (1958)

 Earth vs. the Spider (1958)

When a man doesn't come home one night his daughter and her 
boyfriend go out searching and encounter a giant spider in a 
cave near the man's wrecked car. Coming back with the Sheriff, 
the spider is seemingly killed by DDT spraying, and the body 
then hauled for storage in the high school gymnasium. However, 
a loud dose of rock music by a teenage garage band revives the
arachnid and sends it rampaging through the town. (IMDB Jeremy Lunt)


 The so-called teenagers look more like post-graduate students 
than high schoolers. Skip Young, who was also a regular on 
"The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," was 28 and Tony Patterson, 
who played "Joe," was 35 years old.


Joe with Famous Monsters of Filmland

Famous Monsters of Filmland 

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