Forced Entry (1974)

Forced Entry (1974)

Every time I believe that I have discovered the ultimate in repugnant, vile and downright scuzzy film-making, something comes along to prove to me that there are always more contenders for the title—it's just a matter of finding them.

This time, it's Shaun Costello's Forced Entry that has made me feel like like a complete degenerate for watching it. This reprehensible slice of roughie sleaze stars Harry Reems as a disturbed Vietnam vet who gets his kicks from raping and killing women. Working as a gas pump attendant, the psycho selects victims from unsuspecting customers at his garage, deceives them into giving him their home address, and then pays them a little 'visit'.
(IMDB  BA_Harrison)

Although I can't say that I necessarily "enjoyed" Forced Entry - I have to give it credit for its sheer "shock value" and boundary-pushing audacity. Those that think that hack films like August Underground or Slaughtered Vomit Dolls is the nastiest thing out there should really make a foray into the world of sadistic 70's/80's porn. These films show that they were doing things far more graphic, subversive, nasty, and ground-breaking thirty years ago...and not much has topped them since...


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